The Perfect Period Kit  (without the period supplies)!

This menstrual cup kit is exactly what your period is missing. The perfect pick-me-ups delivered to your doorstep, every month. As a menstrual cup user (and lover) you deserve to have a better period. 

What's included? Each month you will get: 

- 3 new carefully selected, wellness gifts

- 3 liners for the inbetween days

- A new chocolate or snack

- A new flavour of tea

- A $50 value for only $20

You'll receive products like:

Scrub Supply Co.

Tumeric Scrub - $15

Om Organics

Body Balm and Lip Butter Combo - $16

Red Lemon

Daytime Serum - $22


Eco-Soy Candle - $16